Krill watching

animation: Lisa Roberts
Sydney 2008

voice: Steve Nicol
Marine Scientist, Australian Antarctic Division, 2009


I think that in order to do the sorts of things that we do,
we have to have some sort of appreciation for what goes on out there,
some sort of feel for it.

Steve Nicol, Hobart, 2009


Detail from KRILL CAM
Australian Antarctic Division, 16 Feb 2009

The animation was made after watching and drawing adult krill
at the Australian Antarctic Division's krill nursery and hearing Steve's story
of first seeing krill in the open sea.
Steve's direct encounter with krill changed for ever how he understands them.

He understand that Krill have individual and collective behaviours.
Like all living things, krill are shaped by their environment,
and, like us, they shape their environment to suit them.
'It's a two-way street', he says.