Bubbles in the ice

animation: Lisa Roberts
London 2008

voice: Dominic Hodgson
Cambridge UK 2008



We measure the chemistry of air
in bubbles trapped in ice cores.

Dominic Hodgson, Cambridge, UK 2008

The concentration of carbon dioxide
is now higher than at any other time
in the last 850,000 years.
We know that absolutely for a fact
because we can measure
the trapped bubbles in the ice.

Dominic Hodgson, Cambridge, UK 2008



Talking with paleoecologist Dominic Hodgson
and reading about the Ice Age in the Lake District,
I learn about Milancovitch cycles.

These are the natural cycles
setting the rhythm for climate changes
between glacial and interglacial periods.

These are the natural rhythms
I am animating with,
to understand their connections with me.

Layer upon layer of data
trapped in ice and sediments
points to the fact that mankind
is tipping the natural balance.