Cycles of change

animation: Lisa Roberts
Sydney 2007

object: Karin Beaumont

sound: Jon Hizzard
Flinders Island 2003



Circles and cycles
drive change from the South.

Antarctica is a land
of contrasts and contradictions
largely due to the extremes of weather:
the changes in the quality
of the light within a day;
the clear blue skys contrasting
with the grey/whiteout of a blizzard.
The silence and stillness
versus the howling winds and blowing snow.

Karin Beaumont, Tasmania, 2007



The seas through which
we had to pass
to reach the pack ice
must be the most stormy
in the world.

Dante tells us
that those who have
committed carnal sin
are tossed about ceaselessly
by the most furious winds
in the second circle of hell.

The corresponding hell on earth
is found in the southern oceans
which encircle the world
without break,
tempest-tossed by the gales
which follow one another
round and round the world
from West to East...

Apsley Cherry-Garrard
Worst Journey in the World
1937; 96-97