Katabatic: down flowing

animation: Lisa Roberts
Sydney 2008

Image: Carmel Bird, Barcelona 2003

Words: with Carmel Bird, Tasmania - Barcelona 2003



"There's something about this little figure
that reminds me of being in Antarctica."

"Yes, isn't she lovely,
sailing along there",
she said from Barcelona.

"She could be me," we said,
from other sides of the world.

Carmel Bird (Barcelona), Lisa Roberts (Lanceston) 2003



2003, Sailing Girl, Mixed media: Digital prints, paper, cloth, shellac, Flying Carpet collection, Switzerland.

This work toured the world with the border-crossing art project, Flying Carpet(2004).


"The figure on the left reminds me of the statue in Barcelona.
It is called 'Separation 1896'".

"Yes, I can see the Barcelona statue in it.
I can also see myself there".

Carmel Bird (Castlemaine), Lisa Roberts (Sydney) 2009


2004, Separation, Fabric ink on tulle, Private collection, Sydney.