Turning cycle




animation: Lisa Roberts
Sydney 2008

female form: Lorraine Beaulieu
Buenos Aires 2008

sea ice data source: United States Geological Survey

shakuhachi sound: Rupert Summerson
Christchurch 2008

words: Philippe Boissonnet
Quebec 2008


"Earth-Mother" is becoming an "Earth-Child"
in our collective conscience.

Philippe Boissonnet, Quebec, 2008


Antarctic flags Lorraine Beaulieu
Sur Polar exhibition-conference
Buenos Aires 2008

The artist's body was impressed
on fabric to make Antarctic maps.



I propose...
as a symbol of the
planetary community
and as a rallying sign.

I am searching to suggest that north and south poles
are not so far from each other...
As human beings,
we are linked together
to this fundamental necessity: clear WATER...

Lorraine Beaulieu
Sur Polar catalogue 2008 p.57



Scientist Rupert Summerson
played the shakuhachi
in an empty hall
in Christchurch.
We had just heard readings
of Antarctic poetry,
including Bill Manhire's
Erebus Voices.
Rupert improvised
his response to seeing a work
by artist Connie Samarus,
in which an Antarctic seal
emerges and reemerges
through a hole in sea ice,
coming up for breath.

Just as scientists share
and transmit their data
on global warming and climate change,
so artists share and transmit
their responses.

Animation can draw connections between
their responses to Antarctica.