Symphony of science – John Boswell

Glacial Lux – Peter Charuk
The Story of Stuff animation
350 Animation
The Wilderness Knot – Haydn Washington
David Haley
Crude – ABC documentary
First Biennale of the end of the world
Symmetrical planting – Christine McMillan
Cornelia Parker – Chomskian Abstract
Vikki Quill dance/calligraphy
Tess de Quincy
Rudolf Laban
David Rokeby – installation artist
Conceiving connections – Anna Smith, choreographer
C-Wall (2006) – MATSYS


Vital climate change graphics – United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – Climate change resource for artists
CSIRO – John Church on sea level rising
Greenhouse 2007 – Sydney conference
Milanovitch cycles – Wikipedia
Milanovitch cycles – U-tube
Catalogue of Antarctic Climate Date – Australian Bureau of Meterology
a season of climate change talks at the British Library
On-line Trends – a compendium of data on climate change
Polarlink – During the Antarctic Meteorological Observation, Modeling, and Forecasting Workshop in Roma, Italy, 26-28 June 2007 was born the idea of a website collecting the links to Arctic and Antarctic sites
Dance your PhD – Science student  competition
Water properties
– Including Density of Water and Ice,  Wikipedia
NOAA – National Weather Service: Ozone hole dataPteropods – a site by Jean-Marie Cavanihac
Paleomap Project: Pangea Ultima – Christopher R Scotese
General Chemistry on-line – real-time interactive simulations
ASLO – Advancing the Science of Limnology and Oceanography
Rupert Sheldrake
Mary E. White – Earth Alive! From microbes to living planet



The Geographical adventures of Jasper Morello Anthony Lucas
Cape Farewell – Artists respond to the changing Arctic region
Siobhan Davies – choreographer
Cape Farewell 2008 Researching the Sublime in the Arctic
The frozen ship: the histories and tales of polar exploration Sarah Moss. 2006 Review by Brendan Hughes September 2006
Narrating the Arctic: A cultural history of Nordic scientific practices. Ed. Bravo, Soriln 2002
On Frankenstein – The Modern Prometheus
Simon Harsent:Melt – Photographs of Iceberg Alley, where, in 1912, the Titanic sank.



Bronwyn Judge – choreographer
Phil Dadson – sound and video artist
Southbound – New Zealand artists
Nicholas Hutcheson – 2007-2008 AAD Arts Fellow, Multimedia
Peter Morse – 2005-2006 AAD Arts Fellow, Multimedia
Larysa Fabok – Animated Fantasy of Antarctica
Anthony Powell Antarctica timelapse: a year on ice
Philippe Boissonet
Lorraine Beaulieu
Stephen Eastaugh
Karin Beaumont
Lisa Goren
Antarctica experienced through music – Valmar Kurol, 2007
Antarctic Data Jam – Make music with Antarctic research data
Theme – Polar Arts Program
Werner Herzog – Big Dead Place

Australian Antarctic Magazine Australian Antarctic Division
Uwe Kils krill movement analysis
Antarctica: A place in the wilderness Photographs by scientists and support personnel
Diatoms & other algae The ANSP Algae Image Database – Snowflakes and ice crystals
2002 Larson Ice shelf breakup
Antarctica: A Flying Tour of the Frozen Continent
through the eyes of RADARSAT
SCAR – Antarctic images and animations
Goddard Space Flight Centre – Antarctic animations
Science Learning
– Snow to ice animation
Earth System Research Laboratory – South Pole ozone animations
Ice Treck – The life cycle of a drifting Antarctic iceberg.
Antarctic are glaciers melting – reports
Earth System Science Centre – Changes in Antarctic landscape
Wired Antarctica – An animated tour through the cryosphere
Strataspheric ozone – Desctruction of an ozone molecule
Webcams in Antarctica – How Antarctic webcams work
I-ITSC – Polar art/science collaborations, IPY 2007-8
Antarctica without ice – Wikipedia
Antarctic time line – Wood’s hole Oceanographic Institution
Geological time – United States Geographical Society
Mount Erebus Observatory
Antarctic ice core data – 2000
Antarctic ice core data
– 2006
Antarctic ice core data – 1990
Goddard space flight centre


METHODS OF RESEARCH (ways of knowing)


Vikki Quill -Inky Turtle- dance/calligraphy
Tess de Quincy
Rudolf Laban
Helen Poynor
Andrew Morrish
Dance Theraphy Redefined – Johanna Exiner and Denis Kelynack
Margaret Barr
Batesonian epistemology, Bushman n/om-kxaosi, and rock art – Bradford Keeney
Making dance, making sense: epistomology and choreography – Doug Risner
Anna Pakes
Bodily knowledge: epistemological reflections on dance – Janna Parviainen
The Franklin Method – “a focus on learning by doing”
Robin Grove, Catherine Joanne Stevens, Shirley McKechnie – Thinking in Four Dimensions: creativity and cognition in contemporary dance
Thinking in four dimensions – Professor Malcolm Gillies launch
All in the mind – Choreographers Kate Stevens and Shona Erskine interviewed
Dance your PhD – Science student  competition


Picture this: Explaining Science Through Drawings
Drawing Research Action
– John and Grete McNorton
Tracey – Contemporary drawing research
Patricia Cain – Research: Drawing as coming to know
Participatory community representation – Christian Nold, London 2008
The Drawing Research Network
Ursular Kolbe –
Between word and image


Drawn Together – Expanding the idea of animating through drawing

Fantasmogorie – Emil Cohl, 1908
A colour box (1935) – Len Lye
Swinging the Lambeth Walk – Len Lye
Expanded Cinema – Youngblood
Dots (1940) – Norman McLaren
Spook Sport (1940) – Norman McLaren
Canon (1964) – Norman McLaren
Synchromy (1971) – Norman McLaren
USC Character Animation, Kinetics and Dance Research – Laban Movement Analysis
Sotomotion – G. Hoffman Soto
Animation time line – Nancy Pollard
Inanimate Alice – animation
The north wind blew south – animation
A reality without contours – Joris Martens, 2008
Pervasive Animation – Conference, London, 2007
Animated Portraits – National Portrait Gallery, Australia, 2007
Abundance – Camille Utterback, 2007
The Body/Mind of the Animator Transformed – Leslie Bischko
Transience – Dave Jones
Demonstratives – Landscape animation for litigation
Teoman Madra – collaborations
Hobart Hughes

NASA Antarctic animations


Poison and antidote – Climate change conference, London, 2008
Imagining Antarctica – Conference, Christchurch New Zealand, 2008
Sur Polar – Conference/Exhibition, Buenos Aires, 2008
Animated Dialogues – Conference, Melbourne 2007
Art meets science – Polar art exhibition, 1999
Dance your PhD – Science student  competition


Writing a Thesis – Science@unsw


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