Concluding the thesis

Wise words from a friend prompt me to consider that the impetus for the PhD was to ‘give back’ something after a lifetime of introspective practice – to communicate the serendipitous nature of art making through the linear logic or words.

I find it difficult to conceive of any other explanation for the sense of connection that can be felt through the primal forms of the circle, spiral, and cross, other than that our environment is a continuous circle of connectivity that begins in our mother’s womb, and expands through our kinesphere to our community and land, and returns to the mother (Gaia).

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  1. Interesting in terms of working now, with Aboriginal knowledge holders, scientists, software engineers, educators and other artists, to co-create an evolving travelling installation with online interface for charting a journey through lands and waterways between Australia and Antarctica. I want to develop a Living Data Library of animated responses to our changing natural world, for use by project co-creators, and for their audiences to feed back into the project with their own responses. I want to work on country and in labs and studios, to learn and to express through languages of art and science, connections known between traditional dreaming stories and Western science. I want to culminate the project with installations that provide immersive experiences of relationships that sustain a healthy natural world, through art and data that give voice to creatures from the Southern Ocean and their relatives on land.

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Posted on Monday, April 12th, 2010