Large and small Ice cores [2008]
Found materials: Perspex offcuts
Engraved with Acrylic paint inlaid
Large: 150mm diameter
Small: 50mm diameter
LR, Sydney


Memmo Roma Sheet Metal
Campbelfield Victoria



Scanned Ice cores (small), 50mm diameter





Scanned Ice core (large), 150mm diameter





I like how the scanned image of the large disk

alters the drawings which are engraved on each side.

The drawings seem more three dimensional,

and the object itself more solid.

The lid of the scanner stops you seeing through.

Now to animate a spiral

I drew with pencil on paper,

moving through the Salisbury Plains:

a kind of human seismograph

of a car trip made earlier this year.

I have been thinking for a while

about linking this spiral

with the animation, Oiltrack.

I had seen a spiral

carved into rock

in an ancient stone circle

near Stonehenge,

and drawn it:



I did the seismograph spiral as a kind of joke,

as some graphic evidence of being there:



But once I got going, I kept doing them,

on buses, trains and aeroplanes.

So I'll work with these spirals for a bit longer

and see where they lead.

I have started doing them with the study group:

Moving and drawing spirals,

to connect drawing, body and place.

It's a good warm-up and cool-down activity,

You might even see how you have changed.

LR 16 July 2008