Last updated on Friday, October 11th, 2019

Living Data Library

We are setting up a library of art and scientific data for project co-creators and followers to witness, contribute to and share in their story telling. The hope is that this experience brings an expanded, immersive, more holistic view to everyone involved.

The library will be made for sharing and growing stories that come from lands and waterways between Australia and Antarctica – stories expressed through the languages of art and scientific data. Art and data will give voice to ocean creatures and their relatives on land to reveal connections between Dreaming stories and Western science. Project co-creators and followers will be able to contribute to further sharing and growing knowledge. A virtual cyclic journey between Antarctica and Australia will reflect diverse experiences of country. The cyclic journey will also open up possibilities for reimagining the world as a whole, and for understanding the Antarctic Treaty, and all treaties, as agreements people make for sustaining life well together.

One idea for the online interface is inspired by scientist Claire Sives as she makes paper cut-out star fish, and by my reading of ‘five minds’ described by Tyson Ynukaporta in his book, Sand Talk (2019, pp168-171):

kinship-mind, story-mind, dreaming-mind, ancestor-mind, pattern-mind.

Paper cut-out start fish by Claire Sives, made as we talk at UTS

The idea is that the five minds work as portals, or lenses, for people to immerse themselves in images, sounds and animations, that scientists and other artists are freely sharing to tell their stories of relationships that sustain the natural world.

Plan for interactive interface for library, made in conversation with Claire, with icons to represent the five minds described by Tyson Ynukaporta in his book, Sand Talk (2019).

Stories told through art and scientific data are selected and arranged in the library according to how they reflect the five ways of learning and remembering identified by Yunkaporta.

in relationship with fellow creatures, things and places
stored in stories experienced on country
experienced as movement through metaphor, between abstract and tangible worlds
experience of a timeless, ‘alpha wave state’
recognition of entire systems and trends, truly holistic reasoning