Last updated on Sunday, January 26th, 2020


Co-creators grow and share knowledge for the common purpose of giving voice to creatures of the Southern Ocean and their relatives on land, to inspire and inform more people to make their own treaties (agreements) for living and working well together.
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Cat Kutay, Software Engineer
Claire Sives, Scientist / Designer
Katherina Petrou, Scientist / Educator
Lisa Roberts, Artist / Interactive author
Maddison Gibbs, Artist / Scholar
Paul Fletcher, Artist / Educator
Tiriki Onus, Artist / Educator
Lynden Nicholls, Artist / Educator

As the project evolves we are guided by people directly and through their publications. Guides include: Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison, Dean Kelly, Bruce Pascoe, Aunty Fran Bodkin, Chels Marshall, William Gladstone, So Kawaguchi, Andrew Constable, Stephen Nichol, Carmel Bird, Megan Williams, Karin Osseydryver, Tyson Yunkaporta, Janet Hughes, Helen Milroy.

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