Last updated on Friday, July 19th, 2019

Katherina Petrou

I am a marine biologist with a PhD in phytoplankton ecophysiology. My doctoral work centred around understanding the impacts of climate change on Antarctic marine phytoplankton and sea ice microalgae.

Now established at the University of Technology Sydney, I continue to work towards an improved understanding of microalgal physiology in a future world. My current research investigates a broad range of organisms, including phytoplankton, corals and foraminifera, from diverse and wonderful habitats that span the tropic coral reefs to the tempetuous seas of the Southern Ocean.

As a scientist and a life-long student of Nature, I have a fascination and obsession with understanding how the world works and how all its myriad components (especially its life forms) interact with and inter-depend on one another.

My involvement with Voices from the Southern Ocean is motivated by a desire to tell a story. A story that will inspire future generations to entangle their destinies with that of the planet. A story that unifies science, culture and art to enrich the link that exists between humans and Nature.

Katherina Petrou at Anchorage Island, Antarctica

Katherina Petrou research profile