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This website contains material for a doctoral thesis by Lisa Roberts
approved by the University of New South Wales in 2010:
'How can animation be used to combine scientific data and subjective responses?'

I dedicate this thesis with love and thanks to my parents Jean and Noel, my children Josef and Katherine, and grandchildren Joshua, Benjamin, Asher and Arabella. To my partner, Ken, for love, patience and support in helping me understand how our ways of knowing through art and science may be combined. To my guides So Kawaguchi, Steve Nichol, Lenton Parr, Simon Pockley, Hobart Hughes, Sharon Pittaway, Vikki Quill, Rupert Summerson, Shawn Wilson and Kathryn Yeo, thanks for opening me up to valuing the scientific method and the different subjective responses people make to the one world we share.

Lisa Roberts, Wednesday Sept 25, 2019

Photo by Josef Goding, Sydney 2009