The animation Do krill have sex? is a component of the scientific paper
Ocean-bottom krill sex
Published: 2011 Journal of Plankton Research.
DOI: 10.1093/plankt/FBR006.
Authors: Kawaguchi, S., Kilpatrick, R., Roberts, L.,
King, R.A. and Nicol, S.

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Media reports on the publication include:

22 March 2011 Eco/Art/Scot/Land, a platform for research and practice, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland:
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8 March 2011 Nature Education, Nature Publishing Group, Cambridge, MA, USA:
Antarctic Krill Love Dance

7 March 2011 Creature Cast, The unexpected world of animals, Casey Dunn Lab, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA:
Antarctic Krill Love Dance

25 Feb 2011 Digital Journal, Canada:
Secret sex life of Antarctic krill revealed for the first time

24 Feb 2011 The Southern Ocean Fried Science Network:
Deep sea sex: even krill are doing it!

21 Feb 2011 ABC TV:
Krill sex caught on camera

Feb 2011 Australian Antarctic Division:
21 Animation of krill mating in the Southern Ocean


The animation How do krill grow? is published in Creature Cast, Dunn Lab, Brown Univerity, USA 2010