Antarctic Thesaurus

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Scott  sea ice  sea levels  snow petrel  sound


Courtesy Antarctica New Zealand

Jenna Kelley at Scott Base, 2000

In October the sea ice was as flat as a pancake upon arrival. Then during the next few weeks the waves seemed to roll underneath the ice and freeze in formation to create this sense of a pristine white blanket being held by two people and shaken at each end, but it was like that blanket was frozen in motion, like a film that had been paused. Finally the ice rose as high as it could and then slit open into slots like a boil rupturing. It made the most incredible sound. It was like someone's stomach was grumbling from hunger. It was also at the same time, very crunchy and dry and other times sounded like polystyrene rubbing together. The snow looked so unreal, being so dry; it formed into little tiny balls, often scooting along the ice.

Jenna Kelley, Canteen Manager, Scott Base 2000/2001