Antarctic Thesaurus

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void  visual silence


When I left high School, in 1969, I lived in my grandmother's house. She lived close to the university where I was studying. Her house was a quiet place to work.

Another student lived with us. His name was David Carter, and he wass writing a thesis after wintering over in Antarctica. He had lived for months on a glacier, to collect data to analyse.

Last year, 2008, we met up again. He talked about Antarctica. He spoke about the silence he found there, and how he valued that still. This reminded me of how we first met, nearly 40 years ago, in the icy silence of my grandmother's house.

David's words reminded me of the silence I found briefly in Antarctica. It was out of this world.

As he described the 'nothingness that is Antarctica', his back straightened, his eyes looked skywards, and his arms stretched wide. His body drew the shape of a cross.

The animation, Nothingness, reflects my first encounter with Antarctica, through an encounter with a glaciologist.