Courtesy Australian Antarctic Division

Davis sculpture garden 2008
Photo: Ian Phillips
Davis, 2008


Stephen Eastaugh, Bonzai Donga 2003
Photo: Ian Phillips
Davis, 2008


Stephen Eastaugh (?), Wooden head 2003 (?)
Photo: Ian Phillips
Davis, 2008

Original wooden head sculpture.
Man shaped by Antarctica

Photo: J Smith, Australian Antarctic Division, 2003
Animation: Bronwyn Burles, 2007

If I were in Antarctica,

I'd be fantasizing about cups of hot tea...

Bronwyn Burles, Tasmania 2007



Stephen Eastaugh, Headhome 2003

In response to the original wooden head sculpture, artist Stephen Eastaugh established the Davis Sculpture Garden in 2003.



Mount Tomah Totem: Puya (Puya berteroniana) 2007
This Chilean Puya may once have grown in Antarctica.



Fred Elliott, Davis 1954

L to R. Store hut, Engine room, Living area (radio, met, kitchen, sleeping) and balloon shed.




Hi Lisa,

In answer to your questions:

Do the Davis expeditioners know about the Sculpture Garden?

The Davis expeditioners are probably mostly unaware of the sculpture garden. It is located away from the station behind the BoM installation and is not on any frequently traversed track. However, people do seem to find out about it from time to time.

Do they enjoy the sculptures?

As I donít know who gets to see them, I have no idea if they enjoy them. Given we have a pretty average cross section of a typical community down here over the years, I would guess that the figures would be similar to what would be obtained in Australia if they were displayed in a public garden.

Has anyone added anything?

I strongly suspect the sign is quite recent, and the wooden head with rocks for eyes is also not one of the original sculptures. Photos of all sculptures will be arriving shortly, so if I have referred to anything you donít know about this condition is only temporary..

Ian Phillips
Davis, 12 January, 2008



The Australian Antarctic Division website:
attributes the "wooden head with rocks for eyes" to Stephen Eastaugh.
Perhaps the artist can enlighten us.