Antarctic Thesaurus


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diamond dust  diatom  disorientation  drift  drinking water



Artwork: Karin Beaumont
Tasmania, 2007
Sound: Jon Hizzard
Flinders Island, 2003



The resemblance of these images to human masks suggests something hidden, and that what we see is an illusion. By embedding photos within acrylic, Beaumont's aim was to

... give depth to the images as if viewed from the surface of the ocean. When viewed from an angle, the image is slightly distorted, similar to the distortion of objects viewed through water. The works thereby to create an 'illusion' of the image.

Antarctica is a land of contrasts and contradictions largely due to the extremes of weather: the changes in the quality of the light within a day; the clear blue skys contrasting with the grey / whiteout of a blizzard. The silence and stillness versus the howling winds and blowing snow.

Karin Beaumont, 2007
Artist and scientist, Oceanides




Diatom naviculoid
Image source: McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-Term Ecological Research