Antarctic Thesaurus


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diamond dust  diatom  disorientation  drift  drinking water


Fred Elliott, Wind scour, Casey Range, 1955 1997 Pen and ink on paper


3rd. August 1955 Mawson

The pleasure of just seeing can be very keen.

What we see is what they call "the beauty of Antarctica". Soft low sun on pure white snowdrifts, and on the steep shining icecliffs, wind-carved overhanging drapes; the deep blue veins and shadows of the fissures in the plateau ice; the more ancient than Mayan feel of the pinnacles of a domed mountain. It all is enticing and threatening; disorientating. The warm brown rock of the ice tinged mountain surreal against the deathly white of the ice plain.

14th August 1955

Colours are white and shadow of white, blue and vapour of blue, the light you'd expect to see between downy feathers. Somebody saw a Nellie over camp. Does that mean open water, an early Spring, or anything at all?

Jack Ward, Mawson diary (1955-1956)