Antarctic Thesaurus


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flat white  fragility  frozen

flat white

You can describe it, but until you experience it, it can't really sink in. It's just one of those things you have to experience. It's just so different to anywhere else you can go to. You realise you are somewhere very very different. You don't have that normal sensory stimulus. You can't judge distance. You simply cannot judge distance. It's just devoid of markers. It's the closest thing to being in space without going into space. It's the next best thing, probably, to going into space.

Voice: Michael Burton, Astrophysicist
University of New south Wales,
Sydney 2008


19th. March 1955 Mawson

Today is windless with a steady fall of tiny snow crystals, turning all the ground and all the objects on it a flat white.

Jack Ward, Radio operater with Australian Antarctic Division, Mawson diary (1955)