Antarctic Thesaurus


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flat white  fragility  frozen


Antarctic fragility: DRAPEAUX cyanotypes on tulle, 3 x (3 feet X 6 feet) 2008

Sur Polar - Arte en Antartida, Buenos Aires 2008


My work suggests the sensibility and the fragility of Antarctica. When an ecosystem is in danger, this is also a danger for human life ...

Lorraine Beaulieu, Canada July 2008


Lorraine Beaulieu maps Antarctica as a fragile continent with and without its ice, and as a female form in a foetal position. She uses the cyanotype photographic process, a process recurring in her previous works Indice de Presence (2002) and La grande bleue (2006). This process was chosen for its reaction to the ultraviolet rays, which helps to echo the actual phenomena of ozone depletion in our atmosphere, espeially over the Poles. This work is conceptually related to previous installations that link empty water bottles with the melting of glaciers in the north and south poles: Drinking water

Female form: Lorraine Beaulieu, Buenos Aires 2008

Sea ice data source: United States Geological Survey
Sound: Rupert Summerson, Christchurch New Zealand, 2008