When the last huskies left Australian Antarctic stations in 1993, a new friend was needed for all those humans left behind. Affectionately named "Stay", this model dog spends most of its time sneaking between stations.

Dognapped from his Davis destination, he emerged from a shipping container, to the cheers of expeditioners. Seen sitting in the Captain's Chair on the bridge, slurping up sumptuous treats in the mess and joining in with jokes in the recreation room, Stay also became a mascot for Voyage 6 1999. But, just when he was becoming accustomed to the crunch of the ice, he disappeared. His whereabouts are still an Antarctic secret. (At least, that's all I'm prepared to say.)


The Australian icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis. (See Aurora)


My name is Coral Tulloch. I illustrate and write stories for children, and I produced these drawings for our voyage T-shirt.

I have been extremely privileged to have been part of ANARE. Armed with journals, cameras, paper, pencils, inks, paints and great excitement, I journeyed south to collect material for children's books, under the Australian Antarctic Division's Humanities Program.

Cradled within an extraordinary family of both the crew of Aurora Australis and expeditioners, our journey has been recorded by us all, in our hearts and minds.

The following are e-mails sent to schools in my home town, Hobart

There are also answers to some of the children's questions.

Coral Tulloch, Artist with the Australian Antarctic Division, Voyage 6, 1998-1999