Antarctic Thesaurus

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In 2004, at the Australian Antarctic Division, I saw through a trawling camera's eye, unknown forms that live on the sea floor around Heard Island.

The Australian icebreaker, Aurora Australis, had just returned from a voyage around Heard Island.
The ship had a camera attached to its hull to film the ocean floor.
This had not been done before.

With pencil in hand I watched the film, and drew for several hours.
I saw some creatures unknown to the scientists, species yet to be named.




I drew this spiral with pencil on paper, while being driven in a car through the Salisbury Plains in England. It resembles as a kind of seismograph. Looking at it brrings back feelings of being touched by that place, and memories of walking around its stone circles.

In the animation, the spiral represents the spiraling force of water that starts moving from the sea floor of Antarctica. The spiral has been used as a symbol since prehistory to represent life forces and transformations.