Antarctic Thesaurus


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ice berg  ice cap  ice cave  ice core  ice flowing  ice forming  icescape  indescribable



Stephen Eastaugh Ice plateau(ice cap),
The mouth of the Sorsdal glacier
2003, Photograph

I flew over the icecap and the Sorsdal glacier. The trip left me speechless and a little stunned due to the blueness of the melt lakes, as well as the scale and beauty of the ice-scape below us. The ice plateau is over four kilometres thick in parts and covers an area of 14.2 million square kilometres. That equates to 30 million cubic kilometres of ice cubes, or about 70 per cent of the world's fresh water. BIG it is! Beautiful it is too. There is a rather stupid desire to stroll off into this void. It would be like jumping into a classical oriental ink painting, where clouds, void, mist and nothingness live. I can understand why people would want to walk, ski or pogo stick over this icy terrain to the South Pole to explore or to test their limits. I prefer to conceptually explore on a two dimensional surface these forms of extreme travel in the cosy but often wobbly confines of my little Heli-hut/studio.

Stephen Eastaugh, POLAR ART STUDIO: DIARY #3 January 2003