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Tony Oetterli Icescape
left image of stereoscopic set, Mawson 1990-1991


Tony Oetterli Icescape
stereoscopic image set, Mawson 1990-1991


Stereoscopic photographs can provide the strong impression that you are physically occupying the landscape rendered.

By relaxing the eyes, almost allowing them to "cross", many people can see a third, three-dimensional image, appear between these two pictures. The original pictures were taken in a stereoscopic camera, onto large format glass plates, to be viewed in a stereoscopic viewer. One image was taken for each eye to view independently. When viewed simultaneously and fused in the brain, a three dimensional image appears.



Thursday 27 th. January 1954

In the mist phantom icebergs, immense and of the palest iridescent blue, appear and disappear. A couple of Albatross, some blue petrels and prions follow. Next day a heavy blow makes us hove to for about six hours and as it suddenly improves we go on. We are into the pack-ice. The pack is widespread and the sea is still; the day sunny and fine. The small floes are like masses of cumulus cloud on water. Immense bergs, one at least 3 miles long and 100 feet high are nearby and large floes scrape along the ship. The Captain steers from the Crows Nest. Crabeater seals and Adelie Penguins on the floes are not very curious. Light in the caverns and hollows of the icebergs is an intense glowing blue. The shapes of floes are pretty and extravagant, like a Labor Day pageant of decorated floats. Near the coast there are more bergs, many of them tumbled to show a jagged silhouette. The bay resembles a seaplane harbour.

Jack Ward, Mawson diary (1956)