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Voice: Michael Burton, Astrophysicist
University of New south Wales,
Sydney 2008


3rd March 1955

After 3 weeks the bay ice is a foot thick and the entire visible sea is frozen - creamy in sunlight with the bergs breaking the sameness of the soft, sad white desert. Bergs that never show the same colour but vary in all shades of blue and green. Average temp. about 10F.

The most curious thing recently has been 'the ship'. A reddish light that flared close by at late evening in what must have been frozen sea and which lasted at least two hours on a clear calm night, beginning at dusk.

We thought it 'could have been a ship', but the light was too large, too orange-red and too high, since we saw it above the ridges. Bob Lacey, surveyor, thought it could be a "star mirage", but it was very bright and seemed too large. There is hardly anything else it could have been.

Jack Ward, Radio operater with Australian Antarctic Division, Mawson diary (1955)