This project was supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award and administered by the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. Foundation work was supported by an Australian Antarctic Division Arts Fellowship and funding from the Australia Council for the Arts.

I am grateful to my supervisors, Simon Pockley and John Hughes, who inspired and encouraged me.

Technical assistance in all aspects of the project was most gratefully received from my partner Ken Wilson, Antarctic expeditioner and tireless explorer of less-known places. His encouragements and challenges helped to make the work more achievable and meaningful.

To my family and friends I owe deep thanks for understanding my need to focus fully on the project.

I wholeheartedly thank those who contributed:

Scientific data and other information: Australian Antarctic Division: Cathy Bruce, Barbara Frankel, Nicholas Gales, Gomez-Gutierrez, So Kawaguchi, Rob King, Steve Nicol, Nick Lovibond, David Watts, Peter Wiley; British Antarctic Survey: Nerilie Abram, Athena Dinar, Dominic Hodgson; Instituto Antkrtico Argentino: Rodolfo del Valle; Bernadette Hince, Rob Jung, George Murphy, Cameron Smith, Mark Taylor, Ken Wilson;

Artistic insights: Lorraine Beaulieu, Karin Beaumont, Philippe Boissonnet, Bill Burch, Michael Burton, David Carter, Jan Chaffey, Colin Christiansen, Jack Colwell, Rena Czaplinska, Phil Dadson, Andrew Davidson, Siobhan Davies, Aidan Davis, Rodolfo del Valle, Athena Dinar, Stephen Eastaugh, Fred Elliott, Yoris Everaerts, Larysa Fabok, Noel Gieleghem, Michaela Gleave, Sophie Green, Gomez-Gutirrez, Lisa Goren, Peter Gormley, Mircalla Havier, Kim Holten, Hobart Hughes, Tod Iolovski, Megan Jenkinson, Andrea Juan, Bronwyn Judge, Jenna Kelly, Meredith Lucy, Alasdair McGregor, Christine McMillan, Catherine Magill, Bill Manhire, George Murphy, Steve Nicol, Diane Patterson, Pamen Pereira, Catherine Ryan, Jonathan Sinatra, John Smith, Rupert Summerson, Hilton Swan, Coral Tulloch, Jack Ward, Joanne Whittaker, Peter Wiley;

Peer responses: Carmel Bird, Maxine Blackburn, Margaret Brooks, Sylvia Chard, Peter Charuk, Nina Colossi, Nicholas Dawkins, Arthur Desrues, Dillon Coleman, Siobhan Davies, Jennifer de Leon, Bryan Fricker, Valerie Grieg, Casey Handmer, Caroline Huff, Denis Kelynack, Ben McInnes, Kimberley McIntyre, Sharon Pittaway, Vikki Quill, Elaine Russell, Juanita Sherwood, Robert Stephenson, Kathryn Yeo.