Nolan: Antarctic journey


At the Sydney Nolan Antarctic show in Mornington (21 Feb 2007), I had met veteran expeditioner Jack Ward. He had told me about his contemporary, Fred Elliott, a weather observer and artist who worked with him at Mawson. We finally met.

Both men were keen to express what the Antarctic landscape meant to them, and offered to loan me their 1955-56 Mawson diaries. Fred had also been a member of Dr Phillip Law’s 1954 party to establish the original Mawson base. He gave me copies of drawings he had made from those two expeditions.


Carmel Bird spoke on ABC radio on guiding metaphors we can use, to write the stories of our lives. Hers is ‘Garden’. See The White Garden. Haydn Washington’s thesis is The Wilderness Knot

Commemorating and celebrating the life of Hanny Exiner, I reconnected with people I had danced with when I lived in Melbourne in the 80’s and 90’s. Ways of working with movement and drawings and animation practiced then are revisited.

Watching a TV documentary on Sythaesthesia, I’m reminded of the the loose connections between senses that occur when making art. Watching an interview with Alain de Botton (ABC, Compass) I delight in his clearly articulated spoken and visual language.