What’s in this box?

Box for the ‘Living Data Immersible’, a vessel for immersing in scientific data and stories. Tomorrow the box will leave for Mawson Station, Antarctica, with messages on the outside drawn and painted last night by young people who came to celebrate the start of the three-year journey of ‘Seeding Treaties: Voices from the Southern Ocean’.

Here’s what we wrote to explain the box to Antarctic expeditioners on Mawson Station, Antarctica:

What’s in this box?

Artist Lisa Roberts and Software Engineer Cat Kutay explain:

We work from the University of Technology Sydney to create ‘Voices from the Southern Ocean’, a project that will travel around Australia from 2020-2022. The aim of the project is to inspire and inform young people to tell their own stories of relationship to the natural world.

We imagine that you, as Antarctic expeditioners, have most direct experience of the effects of climate change on the Antarctic, and that as people spending a year on the ice, you may have time to reflect on your relationship to nature, ans to share that with us.

We hope that what’s in this box will inspire images, videos, animations and written reflections that we can feed back into the project to share with young people. We hope you will activate what’s in the box to welcome the whales to Antarctica, and to celebrate your experience of winter solstice, and that you will send us pictures of these events.

So what’s in the box?

* The ‘Living Data Immersible’, a vessel for immersing people in scientific data and stories, shaped like a sea urchin and traditional Aboriginal Australian meeting house
* Whale and Krill puppets
* Patterns to make, photograph and animate krill and whales
* Little blocks for puppets to sit on and move around on
* USB sticks with animations to play
* Mini data projector with accessories and manual

Here’s the website for the project: https://www.antarcticanimation.com/content/wordpress

The site will evolve to include guidance on making animations. To access these tools and materials, click directly on the menu for the Data Library page: https://www.antarcticanimation.com/content/wordpress/data-library

We look forward to Email contact with you to make this project work well for everyone, and to inspire people everywhere to listen to your stories.

Email us:

Lisa Roberts: lisa@lisaroberts.com.au

Cat Kutay: Cat.Kutay@uts.edu.au

Animations to celebrate whales, krill and people

Animations are provided by www.LivingData.net.au with contributions from scientists and artists at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Eora TAFE (Eora), University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Animation playlist. Total length: 00:42:00


Title: Krill Sex Twice:

Length: 00:00:00 – 00:03:48

Creators: Voice, Rebecca Stuart.
Science, So Kawaguchi et al. (AAD).

Animation / production, Lisa Roberts.


Title: When our voices are censored, our spirits make noise

Length: 00:03:48 – 00:05:01

Creators: Images and words, Rebecca Gibbs.
Whale sonographs, Brian Miller (AAD).
Animation / production, Lisa Roberts.


Title: River song

Length: 00:05:01 – 00:06:02

Creators: Photos, Lynden Nicholls.
Music, Claire Sives (UNSW, UTS).

Animation / production, Lisa Roberts.


Title: Whale in global sea ice

Length: 00:06:02 – 00:06:55

Creators: Drawing, Ancestor whale. Sound, Jack Colwell.
Animation / production, Lisa Roberts.

Title: The Invisile Committee Silent Reading

Length: 00:06:55 – 00:08:35

Animation / Sound / Production, Lisa Roberts.


Title: The Patterns we make

Length: 00:08:35 – 00? 58

Creators: Images & sounds, Paul Fletcher (VCA)
in East Coast Tasmania & Bruby Island.


Title: This one’s for the ocean cause it sings us to sleep

Length: 00? 58 – 00:14:03

Creators: Animation & Sound, Shirin Shakhesi (VCA).
Setar Improvisation, Alireza Faroukhzadi.


Title: Voice from the sea floor

Length: 00:14:03 – 00:14:32

Creator: Animation student, (VCA).


Title: Snakes and fish

Length: 00:14:32 – 00:15:06

Creator: Animation student, (VCA).


Title: Man, fish, ocean

Length: 00:15:06 – 00:15:36

Creators: Animation student, (VCA).


Title: Consumerism and the Sea

Length: 00:15:36 – 00:16:03

Creator: Quince Franks, Animation student, (VCA).


Title: Fish scale

Length: 00:16:03 – 00:16:19

Creator: Animation student, (VCA).


Title: Seeding Treaty: Talara’tingi (Flannel Flower)
signals us to follow the words of the young

Length: 00:16:19 – 00:19:00

Creators: Animation / production, Lisa Roberts et al.


Title: Seeding Treaty: Barkindji Story –
Ngatji (Rainbow serpents) and Thirri (pee-wee birds)
creating the Darling River

Length: 00:19:00 – 00:23:00

Creators: Words, animation, Maddison Gibbs.

Performane art, Bonita Ely et al.

Electron Microscopy, Ruth Ericsen (AAD, CSIRO)
Music: Piano, Farrah Sa’adullah. Voice/violin, Eric Avery.

Animation / production, Lisa Roberts et al.


Title: Spirit Warning

Length: 00:23:00 – 00:24:43

Creators: Artwork, Marilyn Torrens & Paul Davis (Eora).

Music, Alison O’Carroll

Animation / Production, Lisa Roberts et al.


Title: Conserving

Length: 00:24:43 – 00:33:00

Creators: Animation / Production, Lisa Roberts et al.


Title: Dark Mother

Length: 00:33:00 – 00:34:15

Creators: Animator, Bonnie McAlister (VCA)


Title: Antarctic Energies

Length: 00:34:15 – 00:42:00

Creators: Piano improvisation, Farrah Sa’adullah.
Animation / Production, Lisa Roberts et al.