Nicholas Hutchison

The artist Nicholas Hutchison, who toured to Antarctica writes:

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Subject: Drawing South – New Work
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 20:23:06 +1000

It’s been a while since I added any new work to the Drawing South Site, but I’ve been in my studio messing about with pencils and paper.

The challenge is to try and capture the Antarctica I experienced. Out there, you have a constant awareness of movement and time. Some of it is so slow – gigantic icesheets flowing towards the sea at seemingly imperceptible rates ­ but then, you also watch the sea water become ice, and weather fronts moving across the horizon.

And the majority of what makes up the landscape is frozen water. It’s defined by this ever-creeping whiteness ­ in compositional terms, negative space.

Early this year, in response to this dilemma, I began to play with making very short animations, sort of time-lapse drawings of the landscape. The resulting series of experiments can be seen online:

Drawing South Exhibition at the Albury Art Gallery
Some of the animations as well as drawings made over the past 2 years will be exhibited from 30th July to 19th September 2010.

My journey was part of the Australian Antarctic Divisions Arts Fellowship Program