Landscapes changing

Photos of art in Antarctica, made in response to its landscape, arrive. Like those who winter there, Man sculpted by Antarctica is weathering. He is mapping the winds at Davis.


Man sculpted by Antarctica
Photo: Ian Phillips
Davis, 2008


Artist Christine McMillan observes and responds to landscapes changing. She writes of how it changes her behaviour:


Singleton to Kandos

Eastern Flow

Yesterday late

I saw clouds of flying things

More and more clouds

The road was hot

Casuarinas had been planted along the roadside

Each Casuarina had a one sided halo buzzing with frenetic energy

The side above the road

I rolled down the window

Turned off the radio



I had to stop

I think flying ants

A truck passed

Western Flow

Evening set and there were storms

Some rain

The sky cleared

I drove through a path of fog



Going to places that are not familiar are wonderful ways of seeing. I love the way the mind starts to operate in a strange place. I feel my brain feels itself sitting behind my eyes, I can almost feel the spherical shape. The links, symbols, triggers we look for to lead us to the gold, to tell us of what is absent now. Looking around corners. As I travel into familiar spaces, up to the post office to collect the mail, I put my travelers eyes on, and try to see the space.

Then there are the smells ( I catch myself sniffing) and the emotion.

As well as looking at gauze based images in Tasmania I had an eye out for breeze block walls. Stop, or when we return this way I will get a photo. I particularly like the images taken from behind the wall. Breeze block walls in public spaces allow you to do this. Private places exclude. Can’t walk behind their front fence or under their house. Also love links to claustra
work, in the middle east.

Please when you are in London if it is not too distracting, can you see if there is a breeze block wall that you can photograph for me. I think I would like to make a gathering of walls.


I receive a link to pictures of a walk I missed, in Deep Pass.