Free run


I animate a moment of Jack Ward’s Journey through the changing landscape of Antarctica over a year:



A long whine, almost a horse’s whinny comes from the ice
and at times strangely like a bird call.


These could be described as ‘animated annotations’, in part inspired by seeing Maria Kalman’s illustrations for William Strunk’s The Elements of Style (2002), and Simon calling them ‘visual annotations’.

Words have been used before as scores for improvising movement. Hanny Exiner, Al Wunder, Andrew Morrish, Barbara Weiss and others have used this method in their teaching, arts therapy and performance work. Using words are scores for animation is an extension of this.



Are these metaphors or metaphrases?

metaphor – in which ‘a …descriptive term is transferred to some object to which it is not properly applicable’

Metaphrase – (1608-1649) ‘a metrical translation’… ‘to render into other words’

a metaphrast – 1600 (Greek) ‘One who renders a composition into a different literary form’

(Shorter Oxford Dictionary, 1972;1315)