A Sense of Wonder

At a funeral last week, I celebrated the values of one person’s life, and the value of death as part of Earth’s natural cycle. This was the funeral of a nature lover, bush walker, teacher and dancer. At 81 she had accepted the fact of death calmly.

With a heightened sense of wonder at our connections with land, I read:

Nothing in nature grows forever, it goes in a cycle. Seeds germinate, grow tall, age, sensce [sic], die and decompose. Other seeds sprout in their compost. Yet our modern technological society (and more to the point the predominant ideology in our economic theory) believes that our economy must grow forever. Should economic growth slow we speak in fear of a recession. That means that mostly…our use of resources and energy must also grow. To do this we are quite simply trashing a world.

Haydn Washington, A Sense of Wonder, Pub. Ecosolution Consulting (Nullo Books), 2002 p. 38