Connecting with change

Sensing connections between our internal and external landscapes – within our bodies and the spaces we occupy – we can come to know their impact on each other.

Animation draws on vision, hearing, and kinesthetic senses. Drawing, writing, sounding and gesturing are ways we respond to Antarctic landscapes, to find our personal connections. Animating responses composed by others articulates my understanding of their views. Composing animations that have meaning to me, I draw my own responses in with these. Viewing the animations of combined responses, others can find their own connections. They may recognize some qualities in their own landscapes, and through these draw connections with Antarctica.

Natural patterns of climate change are disrupted by our actions. Engaging with landscapes through all knowing senses, we can come to connect with these patterns. Knowing these patterns we can choose to move with them, or against them, disconnected.

of ideas and experiences

as framework for flow

of lives sharing landscapes

between life forms and landscapes
grass seed animation, Christine McMillan


of life through death
This bluebell grew from my father’s ashes.

Poking around in my Media Library – a collection of images accumulated since the start of this study – I choose some of most significance to me at this time.


Researching the notion of internal landscape, I stumble upon Terry Marks-Tarlow. What he writes adds new meanings to my experience of landscape as continuous with human being. I am using ‘being’ here as a verb.

….Although mountains and rivers appear to be stable things to our Western minds, they are actually continually moving processes that evolve dynamically on various time scales. The fiction of stability and thingness is reified by the English language with its predominance of nouns acting on and acted upon by verbs. The dynamism of fractals as processes-in-nature seems much more consistent with American Indian languages, where features such as lightning and coastlines are described using verbs.

Terry Marks-Tarlow
Cybernetics and Human Knowing v11 no1 2004

My thesis is that fractal separatrices between inside/outside, self/other, subjective/objective levels, as well as conscious/ unconscious underpinnings of experience, represent an imaginary/real foundation for the entangled co-creation of world and psyche.

Terry Marks-Tarlow
Semiotic Seams: Fractal Dynamics of Reentry
Cybernetics and Human Knowing vol 11 no1 2004