Polar Palooza

The Krill Growth animation waits in the wings for  Polar Palooza, 1pm 15 November: FREE EVENT

Polar Palooza Evening Program
Evening presentation
12 November | 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm | Members $20.00, non-members $25.00

If climate change concerns you, then this show is a must. The Polar Regions are changing faster than anywhere else on Earth. These changes impact weather and climate everywhere. Everything humans do – from emitting carbon dioxide or curbing CFC emissions – affects the Poles.

This show is a stunning multimedia presentation that takes its name from a famous music event ‘Lollapalooza’. Why Polar Palooza? Like the rock tour, we hope to be a little out of the box, and always on the edge.

To do this six scientists (from Australia and the USA) share personal stories of adventure and research at the poles. Watch their fun and mesmerising presentations plus high-definition videos of wildlife from both poles, and remarkable NASA satellite visuals showing shrinking sea-ice.

View objects including polar artefacts, fossils and even ancient sea ice cores, plus learn about polar wildlife like penguins, polar bears, seals and birds. You can even immerse your hand in a special ‘blubber glove’ to see how polar animals keep warm!

Polar Palooza represents findings from the past two years of 50,000 researchers from more than 60 nations who have been exploring the poles, gathering scientific data and making astonishing new discoveries.

This is the only Polar Palooza show scheduled for Sydney.  So take aim at climate change and don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the story of our changing planet.

$25.00 per person, includes evening drinks and snacks.
Bookings: Essential ph (02) 9298 3644.

Free family day
15 November | 11.00 am – 3.00 pm | Free

This day provides a child-friendly snapshot of how the changing poles affect Australia. It includes plenty of interactive activities and fossils to explore.


11 am – meet the scientists: Got a burning question about what life is like in the extremities of the Earth? Ask our experts.

12 pm – beneath the ice: Presented by Tessa Vance and Jackie Richter-Menge. Tessa is an ice core scientist who recently returned from a two month expedition to Law Dome, inland from Australia’s Casey Station in Antarctica. Jackie is a researcher of Arctic sea-ice, which is changing faster than anyone anticipated, and co-leader of America’s first IPY research project.

1 pm – animals of the poles: Presented by Mike Castellini and Rob King. Mike is a seal scientist, penguin enthusiast and veteran of more than 15 expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. Rob is an expert on krill, the tiny but all-important base of the Antarctic food chain. Krill is food for penguins, seals and giant whales plus an indicator of the Southern Ocean’s health.

2 pm – what’s happening to our Poles: Presented by Martin Riddle and Richard Glenn.  Martin was chief scientist to the 2007 cruise aboard the RV Aurora Australis, and is leader of Australia’s contribution to the Census and Antarctic Marine Life. Richard is an Inupiat whaling captain, professional geologist, drummer in an Eskimo dance group and an amateur rock band. Living in Barrow, Alaska, northernmost community in the USA, Richard’s been experiencing climate change every day.

Cost: Free.
Bookings: Not required.

School program

12 and 13 November | Bookings essential

School children can also learn more about our changing planet and the work of polar researchers with special information sessions for primary and secondary students on November 12 and 13.

Bookings: Essential, please phone (02) 9298 3655, email bookings@anmm.gov.au or book online now.