Physical laws and relationships

Physical laws, Ken says, push things into circles, lines and spirals.

Unless acted upon by external forces, a drop of water will tend to circular, and an object in motion will tend to a straight line.

A spiral is a circular orbit where an object is either gaining or losing energy. Inwardly spiraling objects are losing energy. Outwardly spiraling objects are gaining it.

A week of walking and camping (in Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria) is a chance to clear the thinking mind and connect to the world through the senses.

A piece of drift wood is shaped like a woman.

An Antarctic leopard seal on the beach waves at me with her mermaid tail.

After the walk, I meet up with my cousin, Shane Higgins, in Melbourne.

Photo: Ken Wilson

Shane found me on the world wide web! We share the story of Hannah Brown. Hannah is our great grandmother.

Meeting Shane’s family helps make sense of feelings that we share, about who we are and where we belong.