Do krill have sex?

The animation Do krill have sex and this Post have been under wraps until the paper, Ocean-bottom krill sex had been peer reviewed and published in the 2011 Journal of Plankton Research.

Reports of the discovery include:
21 Feb ABC TV News: Krill sex caught on camera
21 Feb ABC TV Stories: Krill do it deeper
21 Feb ABC TV Environment: Krill sex caught on camera (Twitter)
25 Feb 2011, The Southern Fried Science Network:
Deep sea sex: even krill are doing it!
Digital Journal, Canada 24 Feb:
Secret sex life of Antarctic krill revealed for the first time

Kim Pollock, who wrote the report for the Digital Journal comments:

I have had a lot of comments from people who really had no idea about krill and were surprised at how interesting they found the article. It was a great piece to write and I now find myself bringing up krill facts in the most unlikely situations!

Best wishes.

Scientist and musician Rupert Summerson responds (22 Feb 2011):

That’s a lovely animation Lisa. I think that’s your best yet – interesting
and beautiful both. The music isn’t bad either!
All the best

Rupert XX