Data for animation

Photos: Daniel Neilsen

Katherina Petrou writes,

Subject: Krill out of water
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 22:27:27 +0000

Hi Lisa,

As promised, Euphasia supurba on a summer beach holiday!

Also, attached is data of global CO2 emissions (Red line) – you can see the Earth’s breath, the oscillation between northern hemisphere summer and winter, which is linked with ocean productivity too (algae). The blue line shows the reciprocal decline in ocean pH.

I think this would work well as an animation for tying in some of the different stories on the central projection – such as a diatom story or your pteropod story with ocean acidification, the connection between declining pH and fading (decalcifying or de-silicifying) organisms.

Similarly, we could do ocean warming (attached two graphs, the one with multiple figures is from the IPCC) – maybe linking that with sea ice loss and krill dynamics, or shifts in fish distributions…?? Just some things to work with and think about.