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  1. Loved the idea of putting the Antarctic ‘tadpole’ as a brain inside the head.

    Then animating the 350, representing a realisable goal of 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide (we’re currently sitting at 385 I think).

    Setting goals in terms of measurable quantities makes for a better focus for action.

    Mind you, that being said, I am very pessimistic that there’ll be sufficient action to achieve that globally before we reach a catastrophic tipping point and by then the world will have erupted into “resource wars”.

    I look at my grandkids with some sadness, as that point will almost certainly come within their lifetime.

    Bill Burch

  2. Lisa,

    I loved the animation as well. Very elegant and simple but conveying SOOOO much. I think Antarctica as brain is a master/mistress(?) stroke so much better than the body analogy.

    Just one suggestion on the text. For me it is too academic. Why not use the animated text type of 350 to say “Antarctica is melting” to give it a more personal feeling and embody it in the figure???

    Just my 2cents 😉

  3. Hi Peter, great minds think alike, as they say. I had the same idea, of animating the words, ‘Antarctica is melting’, but resisted. I wanted the type-written text to appeal more to the mind than the body. I wanted to do this to balance the visceral connection evoked through the thicker hand-drawn lines at the start.

    I believe that images of the whole body and the brain can work together to connect viewers to Antarctica. The body appeals to sensory awareness and the brain intellectual understanding.

    Another thing that could be done is to add the sound of a pencil drawing the first thick lines. I will look again at this after the next chapter is more happily re-shaped!

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Global warming is a very complex issue!

    My passion is to reflect thoughts and feelings that people have shared with me about Antarctica, and, through animating, and writing about that process, to clarify my own!

    Although it may appear very simple, this last animation was one of the most challenging to make.

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Posted on Monday, October 26th, 2009