Antarctic clam with diatoms

Food chains.


Florescent Perspex, 130mm x 130mm x …and growing!


Antarctic clams eat diatoms.

Penguins ingest clam shells to strengthen the shells of their own eggs.

New research led by a University of Washington biologist (Professor Dee Boersma) shows that during the period when eggs are being laid, female penguins have significantly more mollusk shells, mainly clams and mussels, in their stomachs than males do. The mollusk shells gradually leach calcium used to form eggshells.

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Science Daily May 11, 2004


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  1. I am talking to myself again.

    A dinner party, with a food chain down a long table, can be the end event of this study.

    The launch of Sue Walker’s book about the history of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop, at the Australia Gallery in Paddington, inspired me.

    After speeches was a dinner at a long table, with oysters, salmon and prawns.

    Stuart Purves, the Gallery director, and Lou Klepac, the Publisher, celebrated Sue’s documentation of a whole chapter of Australian art.

    Out of the blue, Stuart started to recite Jean de Buffet’s famous lines, approximated here:

    Art does not lie down in the bed that had been made for it.
    It prefers to go incognito.
    It does not come
    when you call its name.


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