Evolving Living Data

My understanding is that IP matters where there’s money involved. As adjuncts we have freedoms that come with other kinds of responsibilities, like how ethically we relate to people and to places. For example, as an adjunct in UTS Science (as Artist in Residence), I abide by UTS Ethics as I lead Living Data as an independent research program. I consult directly with people who are willing to share material for presentations and publications. I acknowledge individual contributors and private patrons. I acknowledge affiliations with UTS and other institutions that provide in-kind support. To quell expectations of conformity to the corporate business model, I identify the Living Data program this way: “Living Data combine scientific data and subjective responses to pass on stories freely shared.” Living Data works through reciprocity and individual accountability. I take responsibility for errors and omissions in the work and welcome guidance from people who are willing to correct me.

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020