Square pegs in round Whole

Email to co-authors and guides:

As we approach the time to submit our first MEASO Living Data paper for
consideration for publication (in a special edition of the Frontiers
journal), I invite you to experience, if you have some time, and give
feedback on progress of the evolving online component – in its early
stage – that in turn comprises a linear explanation and an immersive
virtual map.

Linear Introduction:

Global Immersion:

The map is for immersing people in fragments of knowledge expressed
through the arts in all its forms. Indigenous forms are circular and
spiralling, and open-ended like nature herself. One form of art is the
linear story-telling form with its beginning, middle and end. I like how
the linear is welcomed into the circling.

Those little icons will be replaced with transparent coloured circles –
or something else to indicate a range of knowledge systems, working
separately and together to create the bigger view.

As you see, I’m seeding the map with fragments from my Antarctic
research, where the arts are practised as ways of listening – to Western
scientists and traditional and contemporary Indigenous knowledge

Populating the Google map felt at first like pinning square pegs in one
round whole. But now with Cat’s guidance I’m seeing the potential to
achieve a paradigm shift in our selves and in our readers, where we
recognise our selves (and our stories story) as interconnected parts of
an evolving big picture that changes. The picture changes as the wold
changes, and as knowledge is shared and grown.

Also guided by scientists E.O. Wilson and Richard Feynman, I see
potential for this shift through young people taking ownership of the
project. So, we’re not gate keeping knowledge, but inviting inclusion
and cooperation in co-creating a map to connect with other maps people
worldwide can now make for themselves.

Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2020