Charting the discussion

Although it is possible to talk around a creative process, in the end it defies the linear logic of words. However, this chart, which reflects the thesis methodology, methods and results, will guide readers through its Discussion and conclusion.

Surrounding the New work are six headings for discussions:

* Everything and nothing (Readings of poetic texts)

* Connectivity (Workshops with other artists)

* Dynamic equilibrium (Interviews with scientists and other expeditioners)

* Depths of wonder ( Readings of scientific texts)

* Reading the ice (Direct observations)

* Feedback loops (Responses to the animations and art works)


Throughout these discussions, the following points are explained and evaluated:

* Gestures, lines, and words that were identified within readings of Antarctica and its texts

* How these became embodied in animations and art works through gestures and line drawings

* How gestures and line drawings added depths of meaning to scientific data

* How the elemental forms of the circle, spiral, and cross were recognised as reflecting objective and subjective knowledge of Antarctica

* What gaps the new work fills within the fields of Antarctic arts and science

* How responses to new work served as feedback loops that helped to shape more work that has in turn contributed further to these fields

These discussions are designed to be read with the new work:



Art works